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NERATECH was formed in summer of 2000 when Mike and Tina Nerat, then living in San Diego, retired and moved to Humboldt County, California. They have made Eureka their new home and were active in the community. In 2014 they relocated to Oakmont, a community of Santa Rosa, California.

Tina's career since 1974 has been in Engineering and Information Technology, working in a variety of roles in diverse businesses: San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE), Peregrine Systems, IVAC (a former Eli Lilly company), Applied MicroCircuits Corporation, US Navy Civil Service, and Burroughs Corporation (now Unisys). Consulting clients have included Solar Turbines (a division of Caterpiller), Humboldt County Office of Education, Humboldt Bank (now Upmqua Bank), North Coast Small Business Development Center (SBDC), Humboldt Business Council, Del Mar School District, Fallbrook HS District, County of Humboldt, and Redwood Coast Rural Action (RCRA).

Tina was involved in tech-based economic development in Humboldt County and is still a telecommunications advocate for the North Coast. She was Lead SBDC Contractor for the Southern Humboldt region, providing general business counseling to their clients. On contract to HCOE, she provided tech outreach and support to school districts in Humboldt County. Tina was a past president of the Redwood Technology Consortium ( and was on the Workforce Investment Board of Humboldt County (

Mike is a journeyman machinist with over 25 years experience in a variety of industries, with extensive experience in prototype development. His involvement in product development includes: deep submergence vehicle components, medical devices, and golf clubs. Mike has designed and manufactured work holding fixtures for both production and prototype applications to increase repeatability and accuracy. He is proficient in CNC programming, CNC machining, and conventional machining.

Mike worked for the Small Business Development Center as the Lead Contractor for Eastern Humboldt County. In this role, Mike provided general business counseling for the area. Mike was also a volunteer with the Friends of the Mad River Fish Hatchery. He, along with his fellow volunteers and the Department of Fish and Game, worked to ensure that the hatchery will continue to be the primary source of steelhead for the area.